"All of you fantasy leaguers have been there. The top dog makes a lopsided trade with the doormat, and the teams' owners just happen to be best buddies. If your commissioner lacks a spine or turns a blind eye, now you have recourse. Take your dispute to SportsJudge.com where Marc Edelman, a New York attorney who specializes in sports law, will draw upon his years of legal and fantasy experise to render a fair decision."

Ryan Fagen,
"He's Honored to Help," The Sporting News

"Instead of stressing over threats by owners to quit or nasty message board posts, mosey over to a fantasy arbitration site like SportsJudge and let a detached stranger make that call on the veto for you."

Nando Di Fino,
"How Fantasy Teams Can Cope Without Manny", The Wall Street Journal

"In my mind, there is only one true arbitrator in all of fantasy sports. That arbitrator is SportsJudge."

Jesse Spector,
Sports Reporter, New York Daily News

"As a seasoned veteran in the sports industry, I can say without hesitation that SportsJudge.com is brilliant. SportsJudge.com is about more than just dispute resolution; it is about improving one's overall fantasy-sports experience. SportsJudge is a must-have for any serious fantasy owner."

John Stone
Segment Producer, ESPN's Cold Pizza

"The surest sign of an intriguing idea is one that seems preposterous yet logical, a notion that inspires both jealousy ("why didn't I think of that?") and trepidation ("so the apocalypse is coming Saturday.") ... The [SportsJudge] concept is crazy enough that it almost makes perfect sense."

Sam Borden,
"Law Really Does Exist in Fantasy Land," The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville.com

"If Antonin Scalia played fantasy, he'd take his disputes [to SportsJudge]."

Paul Kix,
"Truth, Justice and the Fantasy Way," ESPN the Magazine

"SportsJudge brings the principles of dispute resolution into the realm of fantasy sports."

Robert J. Ambrogi,
"Real Judges for Fantasy Sports Cases," Legal Blog Watch

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